Need Importer of Record?

Expand your business to Japan with no worries!

Before you import, you mush first check your products eligibility to know if your products require regulatory compliance or not.

Leave your custom clearance to us when shipping to Japan.

Whether you’re a large company making regular shipments to Japan or an Amazon Japan seller wanting to expand your business, we can help.

We are more than just an Japan Importer of Record IOR service provider. We act as your virtual subsidiary, providing independent control of distributors and end-customer. This avoids potential problems when assigning your distribution licenses to a distributor.

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How can we help your business in Japan?

  • Importer of Record
    Importer of Record
    When importing products to Japan you’ll need an importer of record
  • Regulatory and Compliance
    Regulatory and Compliance
    COVUE’s comprehensive Regulatory Compliance services make the application process easy to navigate
  • Product Testing and inspection
    Product Testing and inspection
    We can assist you with product testing for custom clearance
  • Translation Services
    Translation Services
    COVUE Translations Services bring natural and accurate translations to increase purchases.
  • Storage and Fulfillment
    Storage and Fulfillment
    Our Fulfillment Services provides a cost effective alternative for Amazon sellers testing the market.
  • Warranty Support
    Warranty Support
    COVUE Depot Repair and Field Service support provides Amazon Sellers local support and installation.